Simply the first plant-based egg.

The first egg substitute ready to use and 100% vegan. Looks nice, tastes good and is healthy! 

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Les Merveillœufs are composed of vegetable and mineral ingredients, then they are compatible with a plant-based diet!

For everyone

Our product is suitable for people suffering from egg allergy or intolerance. Think about all the scrambled eggs they will be able to eat again!


Our substitutes are ready-to-use : no need for long preparation steps, you just need to open the shell and to add it in your dishes to make them marvelous!

About us

Les Merveilloeufs were born in 2017, when Sheryline and Philippine asked their vegan friends what they missed the most. The answer was simple : EGGS! As they were still students, they also realised that a lot of people are allergic or intolerant to eggs. They decided to create a plant-based egg to help them! 

A few months later, the first prototype was ready. Now engineers, these young women use their knowledge in biology and chemistry to develop a substitute that looks like a hen’s egg. 

Only one goal: becoming the first hens that lay green eggs!

Our marvelous team

Philippine – Co-founder

Food enthusiast, Philippine uses all her energy for the formula’s development in order to satisfy everyone’s taste buds while preserving their health.

Sheryline – Co-founder

Although she dedicated herself to a career in cosmetics at first, Sheryline quickly left face creams for mayonnaise! Curious, she is always looking for new ideas to improve les Merveilloeufs.

Mosaïque d'images représentant les fondatrices, les Merveillœufs, un prototype de packaging et une quiche réalisée avec des Merveillœufs

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